The Ski Show

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Have they planned it? Just as the Ski and Snowboarding Show is about to open in London we get a cold snap with snow forecast for parts of Scotland and Northern England and widespread frost for the rest of us. After the balmy days of last week this is going to be a surprise for many. But it doesn’t seem to be going to last for long.
Which is the exactly the opposite of what all those companies involved in winter snow, skiing, sledding and so on want. Last year was a good, long season for the Scottish snow sports industry. Another one like that and they would be delighted.
The holiday companies will be out in force for this, the first ski show of the season. Held at Olympia and backed by the newspaper Metro, it is open from Wednesday till Sunday. It’s cheaper to go in the week though as prices rise by £4 to £13 for the advance prices. It’s also less crowded as the weekend is a lot busier. Staying open till 9pm gives you a chance to go after work. This year there are more than 200 exhibitors offering not just holidays (the big companies like Inghams and Crystal are there as well as the smaller specialised ones) but clothing, equipment including ones you might nor think about like ski-mojo, (additional leg support as you ski) magazines and, of course, the destinations. The Canadian, Austrian, American, Italian, Norwegian Finnish and French tourist boards or regions are around but this year there is a strong contingent from Japan as they try and persuade us to consider going there.
Anybody who has caught a flight to a popular ski destination will know that you do need some extra time as skiing equipment is loaded. Using Eurostar has proved popular and they introduced direct ski trains. Now they have allied with 16 independent tour operators and Rail Europe to take you to a number of French, Swiss and Italian destinations without some of the hassle you can get from flying.
Regular visitors will know what to expect. New visitors will find plenty to do apart from just talking about skiing.

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