I Hate Ryanair

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This is the name of a website rather than my personal view. Set up 3 years ago by, yes you’ve guessed it, a disgruntled passenger, you will be surprised to hear that the airline objected to it. And yesterday, Ryanair succeeded in persuading the arbitrator of web domains, Nominet, that www.ihateryanair.com should cease because the passenger was making money from the airline’s trademarked name. Money! He earned £332 from sponsored links on the web pages.
Is this fair?
Ryanair complained that the site took unfair advantage of its name and that it also had defamatory, damaging and false comments about it on the website. Nominet, not being a court of law, said the site wasn’t unfair and that website comment was something that all companies with a presence on the internet have to bear but removed the licence.
There is no excuse for defamatory comment. CD-Traveller has had to stop racist, sexist, blatant selling and dubious comments from being listed on our site. That’s part of the territory. But warranted criticism is valid and, if listened to and acted upon, can be valuable. It shows that you’re customer friendly and willing to improve. It’s not as if we haven’t criticised Ryanair for some of the press comment and attitudes that they have taken over the years. Isn’t this the airline that almost believes no publicity is bad publicity?
If this had been a court of law, Ryanair, I think, would have had to prove that ihateryanair’s accusations were wrong in order to win a defamation action. Now we don’t know if the accusations were true or not.
What we do know is that it is a pyrrhic victory because although ihteryanair.co.uk is gone the website continues as ihateryanair.org because Nominet doesn’t regulate the .org ending.

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