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There has been a flurry of information released that supposedly tells us what we did during the summer. Did we holiday at home or did we go abroad and does it matter to us as the people who went anyway. The only reason we are interested in this sort of news is because of that self-satisfying feel you get in knowing whether you have done something different or whether you have been where others have gone.
Except the figures are as confusing as they have been for most of the year. More of us stayed here, but more of us went away as well. The figures from BAA (who own Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen) show that more of us flew than last year but then that is hardly surprising given the economic state most of us were in during 2009. Visit England says that the number of domestic trips taken during the first six months of the year was flat but some places obviously did better than others. In Leeds, for example, the success of the sightseeing bus there has been mirrored by similar success by the boat trips through the city. But then Germany says that our visits to their country are up. Already, 2.2. million overnight stays have been recorded with the popular places being Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. And this won’t yet include visitors to the Oktoberfest or the Christmas markets,- always a popular coach offering. Spain has seen a rebound but the US hasn’t; figures are just 2% down but the word on the street is that there have been fewer visits to Florida this year. That is a bit surprising given the opening of the new Harry Potter theme area. Maybe not enough of us know it is there. We do know where Turkey is as shown by more of us going there this year
For those who did stay, it appears that camping and caravanning might have been as popular as they became in 2009. Both holiday types allow you to go for just a few days a week, a fortnight or even a month but the flexibility they offer may help understand their popularity. Certainly this last weekend where much of our countries had Indian summer type weather (apart from the south east of England) seems to have brought out more caravans than you normally see in October. Even the new tourism minister, John Penrose has said that staycations are a good think, at least according to his spot on the Department of Culture’s website.
So this will be the last piece on where we went or didn’t go this summer. Now that autumn and winter are looming let’s concentrate on where to go in the future.

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