If I Had £113 Million

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Almost the standard question quiz or lottery winners get asked is what they would do with the money. And the usual answer is that they would take a holiday. But what sort of holiday can you take if you were the lucky British winner of the £113 million Eurolottery draw that was held on Friday night?
As of writing the person or syndicate hasn’t come forward. Maybe they are still in shock. Maybe they are still unaware that it’s them. The only thing I am sure of is that it isn’t me. Nor my wife (although she was looking at handbags on the internet last night).
But most holidays wouldn’t make a dent in £113 million. The most expensive I can think of would be a trip into space which runs into tens of millions but you’d still be left comfortably well off with about £70 million left. And an-around-the-world cruise on the new Queen Elizabeth which gets officially launched in Southampton tomorrow would only cost you the interest for a week or so on the money and a weekend at the about to be re-opened Savoy Hotel in London would be just loose change. Someone has estimated that if you shoved all the money in the bank, you would earn about £8,600 per day in interest. Which pales into insignificance when I consider that the most expensive holiday I have ever taken (well I don’t take it till next February) is only a quarter of that, – and that is for two of us!
So what holiday would you take if money was no object?
I think that I would hire a small jet and a pilot and take a year off. Then I would fly to all those places that I feel I ought to see and some that just catch your eye as you travel. Close to home I’d like to skirt the islands of Skokholm and Skomer off the Pembrokeshire coast to see the wildlife and the scenery. The north west coast of Scotland appeals as does the ruggedness of Sutherland. Further afield I have never been to such “normal” tourist destinations as Benidorm or Corfu, Paphos or Bodrum so I ought to go to see what the attraction is. Should I see the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu in case they become so affected by too many tourists travelling there that they are “closed” for much of the year? On a very personal note I would like to go to Suggan Buggan on the Victorian/NSW border in Australia just to see how they pronounce the name. And what of Antarctica? A friend travels regularly to Siberia and says I must go there at least once before I shuffle off this earth. These are just the places you know about. What about the hidden, the almost impossible to get to and the unknown? Or I could set a target of visiting every country that exists.
I’m still left with the feeling that it wouldn’t make much of dent in £113 million. Maybe I wouldn’t say anything if another handbag was bought. Or two.

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