Carrying Bags Onto a Plane

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How many bags can you carry onto a plane? I’m not talking about putting them into the hold but into the cabin. I thought it was one bag and maybe a handbag for a lady and then a laptop case. Well I have just seen a case of bag rage where the number and size of bags carried into cabin caused, how shall I say this, some less than polite words to be said.
At airports you see metal racks from different airlines asking you whether your bag will fit into it. If it does, you’re OK if not it is supposed to go in the hold. But do airlines take any notice of their own rules? Ryanair has been quite strict about this on some flights, presumably to get extra money from charging for hold baggage, but not on all flights. I have seen some rucksacks at Stansted that wouldn’t fit into their rules at all. So with price charges for hold luggage, people are taking more and more into the cabin. And it’s more than one. Businessmen wander up with wheelie cases that are large enough to hide bodies in and then another on top supposedly for a laptop. I’ve seen kitchen sinks that are smaller. By now, you’ll be following my drift. A full flight means that the overhead lockers aren’t big enough to take all this.
So the cabin crew took the bag in question and tried to fit it elsewhere. About ten rows in front of where the person was sitting but no, this was unacceptable to the passenger because it was needed on the flight. Luckily the cabin crew member was firm, competent and the passenger gave way.
Another reason why so much is taken into the cabin is to avoid baggage reclaim and make sure that your luggage doesn’t get mislaid. I confess that rarely do I take hold luggage. You can always wash and iron clothes as you travel or use a hotel laundry service. But whilst airlines are trying to save weight as part of their commitment to carbon footprints, some are being hypocritical by allowing passengers to get away with so much. Pack lighter they say, – and then do nothing much about it. It ends up with more luggage being stowed under seats and the passenger sitting in the next seat suffering from the next person contorting their legs around their luggage but managing to hit you every so often.
So if airlines are going to have carry-on baggage rules, follow them. If not then try and make those who don’t take much luggage not suffer from those who try to carry their entire house and its contents with them.

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