Pst. Want to Buy a Castle?

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Heritage tourism has been one of the growth areas during the recession. Our love of visiting our past has held up well as those owning castles have been saying. Now here’s your chance to own your own “castle” and at a knockdown price.
That’s the problem, “knockdown” or rather falling down.
The South Wales Echo reported yesterday that what is commonly known as Llantwit Major Castle will be put up for auction at a price expected to be between £5,000 and £10,000. Yes, that’s all and it comes with nearly half an acre of land, all in the Vale of Glamorgan one of the prettiest parts of south Wales. There is a slight problem for the purchaser. The “Castle” is grade II listed and thus, the new owner will be responsible for stabilising the crumbling ruin. And that could be rather costly since the local council has decided that it cannot afford the costs.
The proper name is Old Place and it is Tudor mansion which was certainly being built in 1595. The problem is that it started falling down about 100 years later and it has been doing so ever since. Little has been to preserve it and the interior was fully dismantled over 135 years ago. Since then the elements have played fast and loose with it. Is it worth saving? Could it be turned into a tourist attraction? Well it might have a ghost in the shape of a Dutch sailor so you could operate haunted tours particularly around Halloween. But it doesn’t seem to have a lot going for it. Still that’s never stopped other places from attracting visitors.
So this one is for those with deep pockets. How deep? That’s hard to say as you’ll need specialist conservation architects to start with to begin to price what will have to be done. But if you are interested contact Vale of Glamorgan Council

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