Cruise Holidays

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This week is National Cruise Week. More travel agents than ever have been on training courses to help them explain the benefits of a cruise holiday to you. So if you drop by your local agent this week you might see more emphasis than usual on this type of holiday.
4.8 million Europeans will take a cruise holiday this year just in Europe and that’s not counting those who fly to the Caribbean and start their holidays there. Add to those who fly to Alaska or Canada for cruises or the huge business in Pacific Ocean cruising and you can see it has become big business.
Now Europeans make up more than 30% of all worldwide cruise passengers Brits and Irish are the largest nationals. And where do we like to go? It will come as no surprise to you that Italy and Greece are the main destinations that appeal to us closely followed by Spain. A recent YouGov survey shows that Venice is our preferred top port to visit with New York as our second choice and Barcelona as our third.
The appeal of a cruise holiday has jumped by 50% over the last five years and, as more and more cruises start from British ports, it is unlikely that there will not be more growth. Instead of heading to our local airport, it is our local port that may grow in business over the next few years. Even despite the recession, those of us wanting cruises increased. The industry is increasing the number of ships as well as their size. Expect there to be more news next month from your travel agents as Cunard have their new ship, Queen Elizabeth, named by the Queen herself on October 11th.

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