6th Liverpool Biennial Begins

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This weekend sees the beginning of the two month Biennial, a string of artistic events that, when last held two years ago, encouraged nearly a million people to visit it from all parts of our countries. This is the 6th such event in Liverpool focussing on contemporary art. Whilst the first back in 1999 was quite small, Liverpool’s has now grown to cover over 40 specific events. The theme this year is “Touched” which the organisers describe as meaning that visitors should be “…touched in the head and in the gut…”
Usually we would list this in our Events section but it runs for so long and is so big that it deserves it’s own comment. The modern Biennial began again in 1995 with the Venice Biennale and has since been copied around the world from Dakar to Sao Paulo. As an Italian reinvented form, it is perhaps appropriate that the curator of this year’s Biennial is Lorenzo Fusi, whose regular day job is as the curator of Siena’s Contemporary Art Centre. His thoughts on Liverpool will appeal to many who live there. On one of the associated blogs he is interviewed and says, “Like Siena, Liverpool feels a long way from the capital. On the periphery…a little disconnected. If you’re caught up in the flux, which London and the major art centres can be, it’s all too easy to get distracted; for your focus to be carried away with the next big thing. Liverpool’s not as prey to that. It’s self-centred, but in a way that encourages creativity. It operates to its own rhythms, but still manages to be current, and vital.”
There has already been a lot of coverage in the media. Expect more over the next 10 weeks.
For a list of all the events and the blogs visit http://www.biennial.com/

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