British Travel Awards

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British Travel Awards 2010For the third year running, CD-Traveller is involved with these awards.


Because you are the decision-maker in deciding who gets some of these awards. Last year nearly 100,000 of you voted on which company you thought was the best tour operator, cruise company, long haul airline, hotel and a number of other awards. As we have written before, these are one of the few awards where you, the traveller, get to make your thoughts known. Most awards are decided by the people in the trade. You alone decide some of these.
So it’s important that you vote.

Click here to take you to the award website or go to And as a thank you there are prizes that have been donated by different companies like P & O, Voyages of Discovery, On the Beach, Le Royale and Avis. Vote and you might win one. But hurry as the closing date is the end of this month so you have only about 15 days to cast your vote, Then the winners will be picked at random. But with lots of different prizes you have a great chance of winning one. A much better chance than entering the lottery and voting in the British Travel Awards is free. There will be a link at the top of our website that will take you straight to the BTA website and we’ll remind you to vote in the e-mailed newsletter up until the end of the month.

Lots of media will be publicising the awards such as The Sunday Times, The Sun, Classic fm, Heart FM and TripAdvisor. These awards are looked on as being so important because you, the holidaymakers make decisions. And none of us would be in business without you and what you decide to do each approaching holiday.

This year even CD-Traveller has been nominated for an award, Best Travel Information website, but so has Lonely Planet, the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) website and 8 others. Just as in all the categories vote for who think has given you the best service, help, holiday, cruise or whatever.

British Travel Awards 2010But vote, that’s the important thing. Don’t forget. But voting should be based on what you have done and seen. Don’t vote for some company because someone says so. It is your experience of your holiday or trip or flight or cruise or hotel or tourism information that matters not someone elses.

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