Tour Guide Enthusiasm

By | Category: Travel rumblings

Does anyone else, other than me, get grumpier the more enthusiastic, the more happy and vivacious a tour guide gets? You know the sort of thing. You pay to go on a morning or day tour and you have to be outside the hotel at an hour of the morning usually reserved for bird song or drunks returning home from the night before and you are herded onto a bus with a guide who starts off by saying what a wonderful time we are going to have.
As are all seated, she says, (because the guide usually is a she) “Good Morning.” And if you don’t scream back at the top of your voice, she replies saying she can’t hear you. Come to think of it, she’ll probably say that anyway. She tells you what an exciting trip you’ll have; that where we are going to should be considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world and that we’ll remember this day for as long as we live.
This is too much bonhomie for this time of the morning. We aren’t all wide-awake, let’s climb Everest before breakfast, do a triathlon before lunch with a modest trek across the Gobi desert to wrap up the day types. Most of us choose a tour because it sounded interesting or because we’ve “done” the shops and seen the local museum of multi coloured, interestingly shaped scones and jam jars. We wouldn’t have spent our money otherwise.
So why can’t tour guides just tell us the interesting points in a friendly way rather than trying to whip us up into a frenzied bunch of banshees. Or gauge the type of visitors on board and adapt their standard memorised patter to match the majority. But maybe that’s the problem. It could be that I’m not the majority. I’m just the one, grumpy old git.

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