Returning to Kenya

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Because of traditional links, because of a stronger developed industry or maybe because it has so much to offer, Kenya was always a popular African tourist destination for Britons. Then, a couple of years ago, the civil unrest in the country slowed tourism down. With that now a long way in the past and a new constitution that seems to be widely welcomed, Kenya is reasserting itself as a strong magnet for adventurous Britons.
Just under a million visitors a year go to Kenya and Britons make up about 17% of them. Visitor numbers are up this year. 72,000 of us went in the first six months of the year including Richard, one of our readers who was making his 4th trip in 6 years. Each trip is between 15 and 21 days and he visits mainly to go on safari but finishes with a few days on the coast. He sees Kenya as the ideal 2 centre destination as it offers completely contrasting breaks; eco-tourism and the traditional beach break but beach with an African finish.
The appeal to Richard is the countryside. You cannot believe how noisy it is at night he says. You may not see the animals in the day but at night there seem so many. Dawn and dusk are the main animal watching times, the rest of the day he uses for seeing the country. There are over 50 reserves and parks with the Masai Mara as probably the most famous but it also one of the smaller ones. What many visitors are unaware of is that there are quite a few marine parks as well. Kenya was one of the first African countries to create them . With coral reefs and an abundance of fish, it appeals both to the diver and the photographer.
In this month and October, Kenya will launch a promotional campaign to try and persuade more of us to visit there. Obviously the animals and the coastline sell the country but there is a more commercial benefits for the tourist. Sterling is still good value against the shilling, experts say.

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