Hanoi is 1,000 Years Old

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Birthdays get celebrated. Special birthdays normally have a bit more fuss made over them. But when you get to be 1,000 years old then the boat really does get pushed out. Next month, Hanoi in Vietnam has a ten day celebration at which they are expecting 30,000 visitors per day.
Originally called Thang Long, Hanoi became the capital a millennia ago but didn’t change its name until 1831. The combination of Vietnamese and French influence is everywhere so there is both an old world, colonial and modern feel.
Part of the celebration is a showcase of all the tourism offerings that Vietnam has to offer which will be held in Bao Son Paradise theme park. This is another sign of how Vietnam is trumpeting its tourism to the rest of the world. As with most celebrations, although the main part of it is in October, there have been other events linked to it such as an international circus festival which ended in August but one thing that will open in October is the newly designated world heritage site of the citadel at the royal palace. The Thang Long Royal Citadel hasn’t been open before and as of writing, parts of it are still being excavated. Here they have found traces of palaces from 3 different dynasties. With any celebration there are souvenirs and Hanoi will be no different but there is one souvenir that might become an investment. 1000 Ly dynasty dragons are being cast in the traditional way of which 2 are being auctioned for charity. The climax of the celebrations will be on October 10th when 21 cannon shots will be fired in the Cot Co stadium. It will end that evening with a half hour firework display
Earlier this year, Aidan gave us a four part tour through Vietnam. There was too much to see even in a 15 day tour and almost on his return, he planned to go back and see more. Because more is being developed. Just announced is a new maritime eco-tourism centre to be opened in 2020 in Binh Dinh province.The last few years has seen the number of tourists from the UK and Ireland increase significantly. As with the rest of south east Asia this looks to b one of the growth destinations of the future as well.

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