Loyal or Unadventurous?

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Two surveys have come out which give an indication of how loyal we are to certain destinations. Are we loyal because we like them, because we like the familiar or because we are reluctant to try new places. Probably people approach this in different ways but, to the destination, it is important in that it tells them how to contact us. They can then emphasise familiar things to those of us that don’t like change and conversely, how much there has been for those of us who like something new.
The survey by the online travel agent, sunshine.co.uk, says that 36% of holidaymakers pick the same resort or destination each year. What that means is that 36% of their clients and only their clients pick the same destination. The same interpretation applies to all their figures but, nonetheless, they are useful in showing our attitudes. Just over a half of their customers said they were worried that a new destination wouldn’t live up to their favourite place. About a quarter said they didn’t like change and about a third visited the same destination every year. Since the research also showed that 61% of customers wanted to see the world, understanding some of the opposing views is quite difficult. They want to see the world but only that which is familiar could be one interpretation. What it also seems to show is that if a destination can achieve the herculean task of persuading us to go there, there is a good chance we will return. And return.
Compare this then with some research from Kelkoo, a price comparison site. Affordability, security, the weather and good food are the top reasons given by their survey responders. Nothing about familiarity, a dislike of the unknown or anything like that. Agreed that the same questions were probably not asked but wouldn’t you expect people to write in other reasons? The Kelkoo study only looked at those people who enquired about their top 20 destinations.
What it shows once again is that any survey that seems to show us what do is limited by the audience that audience that they ask. And that the main aim is probably to get us to visit their website to increase their business. As a guide to helping us understand where the popular places are and why we go there, they seem worthless.

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