The Leaf Change

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To many of us, autumn leaves means one of two things; either raking up bag loads of the things as autumn wears on or trains being delayed due to slipping on the rails.
To others though, it means the time of year to watch as the foliage turn from green to gold and russet colours before falling. People travel to the Borders, the Brecon Beacons and the New Forest to see the changes. Abroad it is New England in the USA that is the place that most people think of. But has Ontario in Canada attracted you?
In about a month’s time, according to the Ontario Marketing Partnership, there should be one of the finest displays for years. This has come about from having a wet spring and a warm summer. But why Ontario?
Because 70% of the entire province is covered in forest. In the 330 different parks there the viewing should be stunning I’m told. Part of the problem of travelling too far to see the changing colours of autumn is timing. You could be unlucky and book for the wrong week so the temptation is to go when the leaf change is into its planned second week. That is where Ontario is worth considering. There, the changing colours last about 3 weeks, sometimes 4 so anytime from mid September to about the 10th of October should see you lucky.
It’s also the time when there are a number of festivals on such as the Bala Cranberry Festival (15-17th October) and the Blue Mountains Apple Harvest Festival.(9-11th October) as well as all the local pumpkin shows. Remember that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October so if you’re thinking of going, check hotel prices.

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