Bank Holiday Driving

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As we enter the last bank holiday of summer, (and the last until Christmas) many of us will consider driving somewhere for the day. There will be the usual bank holiday traffic to contend with, roadworks that stunt traffic flows and then all the wonderful sights as you motor down pretty roads. There’s a brown sign to some National Trust property, a yellow AA sign for a fete, a pine furniture sale in a village hall and another pointing out that I can buy blackberries at the next lay-by. Then, a warning for a roundabout and then another two as well as two more signposts pointing the way to local and not so local places. The road has red lines for no parking at any time, yellow for no parking, white for a cycle lane and green for who knows what. How can the driver keep their eyes on the road?
So the instructions that Eric Pickles, Communities Secretary (a daft a title as ever I’ve heard) has given to local councils telling them to remove some of the signs, railings and bollards is welcomed by me. It also seems to have been welcomed by many others judging from yesterday’s TV news programmes and chat programmes. There were 111 different reports of the story by midday yesterday if you Googled the subject. It seems to have struck a chord. You can read about it in the Winnipeg Free Press and Reuters Africa!
I’ve long thought that signs distract drivers. In some places there is too much to see. In Hampshire there are supposedly 45 signs in a one mile stretch. Do we need roundabouts with large signs saying the upkeep is by Flora’s Flower Shop? It’s another distracting sign but I suppose the council is making money so the more the merrier. Pickles says that the money could be better spent on things like fixing potholes. And that’s appealing as well given the state of some roads.
So one bank holiday weekend in the future, it might be nice to drive down a country road and only see one thing. The country.

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