Heathrow and British Food

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A while ago I wrote complaining about the food at Heathrow. (see CD-Traveller December 2nd 2008) You could go to an Irish pub, have Italian food but where was British food? Even in the pub, there were things that only Americans might revere as being British food. As the first sight of something British when visitors come and see us, you would hope that the food at least could be something more than the standard meals that you can find almost wherever you are in the world.
Well, that is about to change for starting August 26th, Heathrow will have its first British Food Fortnight. What I am unsure of is whether this is a showcase for cooking as practiced (or practised) in our home countries or whether it celebrates traditional British food.
It won’t be just in one location though. 20 eateries be they bars, cafes or restaurants in all of the terminals will be promoting British food including such things as jam roly poly pudding, Eton mess (how popular is this at the moment in London restaurants.) and rhubarb. Afternoon tea will be served as well, complete with sandwiches (cucumber ones do you think?) and scones plus freshly brewed leaf tea.
In terminal 5 where Gordon Ramsay has his Plane Food outlet, there will be his take on British food and in terminal 4 at the Dining Street Restaurant, there will be… Well it doesn’t sound British to me as tandoori chicken will be available along with Kingfisher beer. Thankfully back in terminal one, British beers will be available such as Theakston’s Old Peculiar and Bishop’s Finger.
A spokesman for Heathrow says that we can be justifiably proud of our culinary heritage. Well let’s hope it is British and not some cheffy created grub that others think is British. I’ll try some at the weekend and let you know.

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