Tim Vine and a Holiday

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At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, there are apparently 880-900 comedy shows. The number of jokes in all material must be difficult to count especially since there are some of the fastest tellers of joke who pack hundreds into each performance.
The winner of this year’s award for the funniest joke has gone to Tim Vine. And it’s a holiday joke so I thought I’d reproduce it here. “I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again.” To celebrate his award he followed it up with the fact that was going to celebrate by going to Sooty’s BBQ and having a sweepsteak.”
There was one other holiday related joke in the top 10, The American comedian, Emo Phillips a man whose observations on life are almost surreal came out with ”I picked up a hitch hiker. You’ve got to when you hit them.”
There are many claiming that the Fringe this year is the best ever. But then that is a common claim. What isn’t in dispute is the sheer growth that has occurred. Try getting a hotel in Edinburgh during the festival and the fringe. I know people who are coming across from Glasgow each day or from Dunfermline or Penicuik.
As a tourist attraction, what Edinburgh has achieved has to be admired and not only by people in our countries. International organisers come to see how it is run and see what tips they can take back with them.
Above all it delivers what all visitors look for. An attraction where the weather is unimportant, there is a range of things to do and most are top quality. The problem for the future, which many people have already said, is whether it can continue to grow and still attract more and more visitors.

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