Beware The Holiday E-Mail Scams

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Yesterday I received two different sorts of holiday scams both designed to get you to open attachments. As this is the time for holidays some may unwittingly respond so this is to remind you what to look out for.
Firstly, if you get more than one e-mail about the same thing from different people or sources beware. I had 6 about a hotel booking and 9 about a passport application. That alone is something that wouldn’t happen. If you had genuinely made a booking then you would just receive one reply from the hotel or whatever.
The first e-mail concerned a purported hotel booking that was sent from something called the Ritz Carlton Club. It sounds plausible as a name but if you had made a registration it would be addressed to you and not just start “Hello.” It then asks that I download a voucher worth $1,100 which I have apparently left as a deposit. No hotel would do this. They would send you a confirmation of booking and a reservation number. In the following five that I received they were all linked to a booking made through something called “Allhotels.” Allhotels does exist and on the home page of their website they draw attention to this scam. Not all came from someone at the Ritz Carlton Club. (which also exists but which is unrelated to the scam) All were addressed to our accounting department either by title or actual name but at my e-mail address.
The other scam was about an online passport application. The e-mail was sending me an attachment with the application to fill in. This time, the sender sounded dodgy since it came from no country or embassy name anyone on this planet would recognise as a country. You know which country you live in and you know –if you had applied for a passport and online applications were available – where it should come from. The scammer doesn’t if you have an e-mail address ending in “com.” And who is ever going to believe that a passport application form would be sent out by someone who signs himself, “Software Engineer?”
So be on your usual guard against these charletons who life tedious for all of us. And if you have any holiday ones that you think we should publicise to readers, do please let us know.

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