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On the one hand we have ATOC (Association of Train operating Companies) telling us that rail travel is more popular than ever and then we have the Department of Transport said to be considering stopping all London services into Scotland at Glasgow and Edinburgh. All direct Inverness and Aberdeen services will cease and all passengers for those and other destination will have to change and probably wait a connection.
Why would they be encouraging that if train travel is on the increase?
ATOC says that, probably due to staycations, train bookings to places like St Ives, Weymouth and Windamere are all up. Day trippers seem to be taking advantage of the weather because popular day trip places like Edinburgh and Oxford are also busy.
All right, people don’t take day trips from Newcastle or York to places like Dundee or Pitlochry but there are lots of holiday destinations in the highlands that people from south of the border go to. And come winter, if we have as much snow in Aviemore as last year, there will be lots of business from the south. So why consider removing the service? Is it to do with the fact that East Coast is operated by the government and this is a cost cutting exercise? If it is it seems shortsighted. I have travelled on both the London Inverness service and the Aberdeen service and I found them busy enough. Given how empty first class is maybe rather than cut the service they can remove a carriage and save fuel that way.
From a political point of view it’s a bit shortsighted too. Scots will be able to complain with justification that they are handicapped by transport links and with a referendum coming up, that may be the last thing some politicians will want. But then the people who will be happy will be BA and easyJet who can take you straight to the north without having to change.

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