EasyJet and On-Board Health

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From Der Spiegel, the German news company, comes a story that I haven’t seen much in our press which is why I mention it. It concerns a claim by a doctor that, in his opinion, easyJet was not carrying sufficient basic medical support. This is not to say that it was not adhering to the law, merely that if he is right, the laws need urgent consideration so that we may all feel better protected. Then he concluded by saying that easyJet can be only recommended for passengers who are entirely certain that they are healthy is cause for some thought.
All flights over an hour are required to have a first aid kit. The first question then is why aren’t all flights mandated to have to carry one? It seems to us that immediate assistance is likely to prove more beneficial than having to wait. But since most flights are scheduled for more than hour, chances are that all airlines carry first aid kits on all their flights. Or we hope so. We’ll check over the next few weeks and let you know the results.
In this case the passenger had an epileptic fit. There was nothing in the first aid kit to measure blood pressure or blood sugar levels, the doctor said. Surely that sort of equipment was necessary? It makes you wonder whether the first aid kit consists of something like sticking plasters, some bandages and not much else, like our office kit. So, we’ll also find out what they contain and pass that on as well.
The plane, flying from Berlin to Lisbon had to be diverted to Paris for the passenger to be treated properly. Think of how much that will have cost easyJet. And all for the want of a few extra items to be carried on each plane.

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