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Table tennis in Blighty
Britain is discovering what China has known for a long time: table tennis is a fun way to keep fit. Concrete ping-pong tables have been popping up all over Britain in parks and public spaces as part of a new initiative by the English Table Tennis Association.
Last month there were 20 tables in Trafalgar Square with a further 95 in busy areas from Tate Modern to Heathrow Airport. Anyone can play and the best bit? It’s free! Find out more at:

A poll sponsored by the BBC and conducted by Toronto based opinion research consultancy GlobeScan and University of Maryland showed that China’s image has seen an upswing after hitting a low last year. A total of 29,000 adults from 28 countries gave their opinions of other nations in the poll. Among them, 41 per cent saw China as having a positive influence on the world (up 2 percent from the previous year) while 38 percent held a negative view – down two percent from 2009.


Australian scientists have proved what we at CD Traveller have known for a long time: holidays make us happy! Research has shown that a holiday can increase happiness and improve. Victoria University’s Dr Sebastian Filep said: “I see an opportunity for a greater connection between tourism and health where holidays become a more important factor in leading a healthy lifestyle.”

Unique pop up high street hits the countryside
A festival might not seem like a prime opportunity to shop, but that’s set to change thanks to Red or Dead founder, Wayne Hemmingway. He’s launching the first-ever Vintage at Goodwood Festival, a three-day event dedicated to art, music and wait for it…the pursuit of high street and vintage threads. There will be music from Sandie Shaw and Noisettes but we’re most excited about the 300m long high street. With over 25 shops and the world’s largest vintage market, it’s set to include beauty salons, a cinema and cafes.
13-15 August: from £135. See www.vintageatgoodwood.com

The Swedish capital is quite literally one of the hottest European cities according to a study by leading online hotel reservation service, hotelinfo. The investigation revealed that only 13.3 percent of rooms in Stockholm are air conditioned compared with 72.7 percent in Madrid, 66.7 percent in Budapest and 66.6 percent in Rome.


Getting to Tibet has long been a chore. Lhasa is often closed to foreigners, the permit system is murky and tickets for sleeper seats on the train can only be had on the black market. After all that hard work, the idea of staying in one of Lhasa’s generic Chinese hotel blocks is depressing. Luckily there are now other options.
American lawyer turned preservationist, Laurence Brahm, has just opened his second boutique hotel in the city. The Shambhala Palace, householdofshambhala.com, is the former home of a Tibetan lama, rebuilt by traditional artisans with timber and stones rescued from buildings demolished to make way for progress. Truly this place is fit for a King.


Brilliant value Belfast
Booked a break in Belfast after reading our ‘Belfast banter’ feature? Congratulations! You’ve made the right choice for hotels in the Northern Irish capital have just been judged to offer the best value for money by hotelinfo – a leading online hotel reservation service.
But while Belfast’s beds maybe brilliant value, the same can’t be said of Cardiff and London: the capitals of Wales and England respectively were both judged to provide poor value for money by hotel.info readers.



More than half of British travellers admit that they have wasted money on tacky souvenirs, according to research by Visa Europe.


Thinking of flying with BA over the festive period? You might want to think again as British Airways cabin crew are considering another round staging another round of strikes over the Christmas and New Year period.
The dispute will be one year old in November and is further bad news for BA: the crew strikes from earlier this year together with Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud have sent the British carrier £164million into the red.


Long distance love
A survey conducted by travel advice website, Trip Advisor, reveals that more than half of Britons – 58 per cent – enjoy a romance while on vacation. But once back home and away from the sun, sea and sangria, the relationships tend to fade as fast as their suntans with 93 percent parting ways.

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