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As some of you may remember and at the risk of not knowing what you might say, we invited some of you to an online focus group so that we could learn your thoughts on what you thought of us. What did you want to read about? Did we cover all that you wanted? What do you like or dislike?
Firstly, thank you to all who gave us their views during the four sessions that were scheduled. That they went on longer than we anticipated was because the conversations were so helpful. Secondly, the results are from a small number of people. They aren’t indicative of many or all of you. The idea was to give us some guidance of what you might want.
So what are the results?
You liked the variety that we covered. Whilst some wanted more domestic news and thoughts others wanted more on long haul and dream destinations. More on walks was one request. What you didn’t want was selling. It became pretty obvious quite early on that you saw CD-Traveller as an information source and that you wouldn’t like it if we tried to sell holidays or flights or cruises. We do have to carry advertising to help support the costs and keep CD-Traveller free to you but rest assured – no holidays will be sold or advertised. If a destination, an attraction or an event takes your interest then your travel or online agent will be the place to go.
You also wanted more stories from readers about where they have travelled to. So feel free, all or you, to send us contributions
Making available more events seems to be popular with you. There are now more than 1,500 on the website. There were some criticisms. Sometimes it looks as though we haven’t updated them. This is because the current website platform can only list the start date not the end date. What we have been doing is removing those lengthier events after they have been at the top of the list for 10 days. In November, we will be moving to a new website host and that problem should be resolved.
Two other criticisms were about an inability to print individual articles and the search facility. At the moment, if you copy and paste to a new document you can just then print one article. If you just print from the screen you will print everything. We will be providing a print facility in the new version in November. And we’ll improve the search facility to help you locate the back stories at little bit more easily.
Thanks, once again to all of you that helped out. Feel free at any time to offer more suggestions or criticism.

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