Ryanair Spins Again

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No not the planes, but rather the PR department of an airline whose ability to create stories and repackage news is not even surpassed by politicians.
You will remember that for the summer season, Ryanair raised the cost of hold baggage to €20 for most bags and €30 for heavy ones. This was to last for July and August and return to the €15 level in September. Just after the school holidays and the busy summer travel season meant there was less opportunity for removing cash from passengers, but that is probably just coincidence.
The airline has decided that it will keep those fares from now on for all flights to the Canary Isles. Why? To encourage us to pack lightly. Surely if this was true, they would apply it to all their flights? But no. And it has probably nothing to do with the fact that the Canaries are amongst the furthest away of their destinations meaning you would be unlikely to go there for the day. So you would pack more which means there is a greater chance of hold baggage. And that means more money for Ryanair.
And they need it. Spare a thought for this company that has slipped out of the top 20 airlines in the world who make the most from ancillary revenue. Less than 20% of their cash comes from extra charges now. Could the disappointment of being dropped from this prestigious club mean that they are doing their utmost to return to it? Was Michael O’Leary so piqued at being ousted that he had to rescind his earlier thoughts on making the charge for the summer only? In the light of what he found, as coalition politicians have been saying as they made u-turns from their recent manifestos, he was forced to change his mind.
But it is all in a good cause. Travelling lighter. Using less carbon miles. So we can exclusively reveal that Ryanair is looking at other changes. It will replace glass on the duty free bottles with plastic because it is lighter; sandwiches will be made from low fat products to save a few ounces; carpets will be ripped up saving tonnes of weight across all his planes and overhead lockers will be removed forcing us to put all the luggage in the hold. Oh, and they won’t carry passengers any more thus saving the largest weight of all.
But then this exclusive could be spin from CD-Traveller . Compared to some of the things Ryanair have done. how would anyone know?

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