Hotel Guests Being Treated Better

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This isn’t the way that that the authors of a US report on hotels worded their announcement. They said that the satisfaction levels of hotel visitors had increased over the last year. Does it mean the same thing? But if hotel guests are more satisfied surely that comes as a result of feeling that they are being treated better?
The next question is whether we should believe what we read. After all how many of us have stayed at a place after checking reviews and then decided that the reviews must have been written by someone who was not too observant? Or blind as a bat. The same applies with research. If we understand it then we can accept or reject it.
This research comes from J D Powers, an American based company that regularly measures customer satisfaction. And the result comes from their 2010 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study which suggests that, for satisfied customers, guests should have wireless internet in their rooms and free breakfasts.
Think about it for a moment. 2009 was the worst year of the recession. The number of guests staying in hotels was declining. In response to that wouldn’t any good hotelier work harder to keep you happy so that you’ll return? So the economic crisis could be one reason for an increase in our satisfaction levels. The other thing about satisfaction is that you seem to get better service when there are fewer other guests about. If there are only 10 of you staying somewhere or if it is a small hotel, then the service is better. There are fewer things for hotel staff to be concerned with so they have more time for you – if you need it. In my experience, as a general rule of thumb, the larger the hotel, the less likely you are to get high satisfaction levels. There are exceptions of course.
So when you see press stories like this one that seem to suggest there have been improvements, look and think about what it says. A little bit of common sense can sometimes give an answer that isn’t given on the media.

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