Timeshare Scam Time

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May we just remind you, as we get into peak holiday time, to be wary of one of the scams that always happens at this time of year. When you return from holiday you get a phone call to say you have won a holiday. All you have to do is choose where to go and turn up for a introductory session to hear a short presentation about it.
Sometimes you will be told it is not timeshare. Other words are used like holiday ownership.
What happens is that while you are away on holiday you complete a check-in form at a hotel or you enter a competition. From this they have your number and ring you when you return home. They remind you that you completed a survey (which chances are you did but which has nothing to do whatsoever with this) and the implication is – though this is not confirmed – that the survey is where the information comes from.
You then are invited along and, in some cases, there is some heavy sales pressure to sign up whilst you are at the presentation. They tell you there is a discount if you sign today or that the there is a price rise from Monday and that if you sign today and leave a deposit then you’ll be protected from the price rise. Of course, if you subesquently decide not to do anything you lose the deposit so they still make some money.
If you are interested in timeshare/holiday ownership then that’s fine. There are many reputable and well established companies out there who provide a very useful and efficient service.
Our complaint is with those who seek information underhandedly. Over the years we, and tour operators, have come across cases where hotel managers or other staff have sold personal details unbeknown to the hotel owners. We have even come across airline staff who have re-routed information (In all the cases we know about, the staff have been dismissed.)
In the past there have been cases in the Spanish resorts, Greece and Florida. It looks like it is happening this summer in Turkey as well.
Be careful in who you pass prersonal details to. You wouldn’t do it at home, just be sure that those who ask want it for a purpose you agree with.
Let us know if you come across things like this and we’ll let other readers know.

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