Dr Foster Went to Gloucester

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Ever had one of those days?
When the good doctor went there he probably had an easier journey that I had. Summer is meant for day trips so on the spur of the moment I thought a day trip to Gloucester would be pleasant. This would only involve travelling for three hours and one change of train at Reading.
It didn’t quite work out like that.
At Swindon the train broke down so it was suggested that we catch a train to Bristol Parkway and change to catch a fourth train of the day up to Gloucester. On the Bristol Parkway train, I was told by the guard (sorry train manager) that the connecting train wouldn’t stop at Gloucester but go straight to Cheltenham. There I would have a 30 minute wait before catching the fifth train back to Gloucester. On the Cross Country train, when the train manager checked the tickets,he said, in a voice of one who was not surprised by any railway happenings any more, that he had had a message about us. The “us” was said in a way to suggest both a world weariness and that we might be a potentially difficult bunch as we had been given wrong information.
We weren’t. We were as world weary as he was. As used to the vagaries of what happens when a train broke down as he was. We were partners in experience!
I got there. The 3 hour journey took 5. Exactly the same number as the trains I travelled on. As for the return journey. Scheduled for two and three quarter hours, that’s what it took. Mind you, just as I left Gloucester there was a slight moment of concern. The train left the same way as it came in. For those unfamiliar with a line, that causes the merest hint of doubt!
Although forecast, it didn’t rain until just as the train left. So unlike Dr Foster, we had no puddles to contend with and again, unlike Dr Foster, I’ll go back.

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