Celebrating 40 years at Chessington

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If it was your ruby wedding anniversary, wouldn’t you want to celebrate it with something special? With your family and friends? And that means that you would want to pick somewhere that can appeal to all age groups and tastes.

Would the top of your list be Chessington World of Adventure? It wouldn’t be mine which goes to show how wrong I could be. This is the story from one of our readers, Viv.

There were 15 of them for the 40th wedding anniversary, the youngest 3, the eldest in their sixties. Because some of the family live near Heathrow they looked further south and found a perfect place offered at Chessington. They could have a function room for privacy but still have access to all the rides and attractions. The room is in the on-site pub called The Greedy Goblin
Chessington let them bring decorations like balloons with them (and their own cake, which was OK), and then staff did the hard work by decorating the room for them while they looked at the zoo. Viv said they could not have been more helpful and really made the day. They would not accept a tip ( they said they were not allowed) but would be happy with a compliment written on one of their customer satisfaction forms which Viv’s husband did.

It’s nice to report when some extra mileage is put in so that someone’s special day is remembered as just that,- a special day. The lady who organised the day for Viv was Dee Simmons. We don’t normally mention individuals but it looks as though Chessington put in the extra mile as a matter of course so CD-Traveller is happy to highlight the fact. And on top of that the staff said to Viv that they really enjoyed their jobs.

And that showed in the service they gave. So in the future don’t just think that Chessington is about rides and youth. It’s about that extra service that we see too rarely these days.

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