Bargains Remain on the Big Getaway Weekend

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This is the biggest weekend of the summer holiday when supposedly the largest number of people head off. And judging by the state of the M25 yesterday that could be the case. On the Surrey section there were entry speed advisory signs of 40mph and slow moving traffic when I crossed over it. A National Express coach going from Gatwick to Swansea came up from Dorking and headed off towards Cobham in an attempt to try and avoid the traffic, a sure sign of lots of traffic since a regular North Surrey-Swansea link isn’t in the timetable!
But apart from visiting the M25, where are we going this summer?
ABTA always produces a guide to the likely spots. This year it estimates 1.9 million of us have decided to head away with Spain (plus the Canaries and the Balearics) as a top destination. Turkey, Greece, (obviously the strikes, as we suggested in CD-Traveller are not putting people off) Egypt, Florida (the draw of Harry Potter?) and Dubai are also popular. ABTA says the Eurozone countries are popular this year because the pound is buying more than it did.
Virtually a third of all those leaving Britain use Heathrow and Gatwick so it is a shame that a security scare at Heathrow about a child’s toy in the luggage delayed some people. How many times do we have to be told what we can and can’t take?
With so many people travelling you might have thought there were few holidays left but Co-op Travel reckons there are. Not only are there some left but there are more than the tour operates planned so they believe there are some good discounts around. Based on 3,500 recent bookings, they say that some prices are up to 34% cheaper than last year. Paphos in Cyprus, Crete, Zante and Turkey seem to have the best deals in comparison with last year.
Is this true?
Co-op Travel says the discounting is because the World Cup, the volcanic ash, BA strikes and the economy are the reasons for so many holidays being available.
So, if you haven’t decided where you want to go yet, it might be worth considering these places.

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