The National Park of Britain

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Ever heard of Britain’s Magical Waterland? That’s the new name for the Norfolk Broads.
Why a new name?
Because the image has become jaded says the man who rebranded it, Simon Middleton. According to the Daily Telegraph, he is quoted as saying that the new name can transform the Broads into a rival for the Florida Everglades or the Camargue in France. The local say this is unnecessary.
The rebranding was launched at the beginning of July. I missed this story completely and it was the Daily Telegraph that attracted my interest. Not because of this story but because of one of the comments on the story that was sent by a Dutchman who signed himself “keegstra” I have no idea who keegstra is or how to contact him but I’d like to thank him. He wrote, “Remember that you folks live in a country which is so beautiful and splendid that you may rebrand the whole country as a National Park.”
This man visits our countries twice a year he says. He comes here that often and he can still say such a pleasant thought about us. Yes he has his gripes. For example, the road network in Norfolk and he thinks the Broads aren’t that attractive. He also points out a problem which, he says, affects most of Britain. He writes, “you see it everywhere in Britain: a nice national park but hey: there’s a Motorway and lots of cars in general.” He calls it fragmentation.
Yesterday, Visit Britain announced a new report on tourism completed by Deloittes and Oxford Economics. They have boards and advisors drawn up from the industry, people with experience or running this, that and the other. What they might consider is a new bunch of advisers, a panel of regular and frequent travellers like keegstra. People who can see the problems as a visitor but who still have an affection and fondness for us.

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