Why Do You Choose A Hotel?

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Why do you choose a hotel? Because it is where it is? Because of the price? Because of the appeal of the restaurants in the hotel? I could believe any or a combination of those answers. What I have difficulty believing is that it might be because of the soap or shampoo they put in the room.   

But it appears one hotel chain may believe that. I’ve just received a survey. As readers may know, I am a bit sceptical about surveys and there are enough odd ones around at the moment. This one is different. There are no results as yet because people are still being asked their views. It is being run by a market research agency according to Market Research Society rules so I am not criticising its method.

As the survey goes on it becomes obvious that it is to measure what toiletries you would want to see in your hotel room. They obviously think that they will be able to attract you and I to stay there if they provide one brand over another. Are they so gullible to think that this will make an over-riding difference? More to the point are we that gullible? Would you decline to stay at a hotel because it had a soap dispenser instead of a bar of soap? Would you refuse to consider it if the shampoo was from Molton Brown rather than Pantene or some other brand? I’d be concerned (slightly) if there wasn’t any at all but a call to the reception should resolve that. I’ve not rebooked at hotels because I didn’t like the shower or I felt the bathroom was not as well maintained as I would like. I’ve not rebooked because the staff were unhelpful or the room was shabby and dirty. I’ve yet to fail to re book because I didn’t get a phial of body lotion or a shower cap!

The survey then goes on to ask which bottle looked luxurious or expensive. I can only believe that a hotel chain wouldn’t waste money asking these questions if they didn’t think that some people are swayed by these things. As for me, a decent shower, a comfortable bed  and a reasonable price will do.

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