More Cheap fares for Over 55’s

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A few months ago, CD-Traveller mentioned that Scot Rail would be introducing a slightly different version of its Club 55 deals (CD-Traveller 2nd May 2010). Now that we are in July, The offer has started so this is just to remind you what is on offer.
For both July and August you can travel anywhere in Scotland for just £22 for standard class and £27 for first class. This is the fare for a single ticket and you can just walk up to a ticket office on the day of travel and buy the ticket there and then. Because I look well over 55, I have yet to have to show evidence that I am indeed over 55 but it might be handy if you had something like a driving licence just in case.
Bear in mind though that there are lots of fares that will cost less than £22 so check first before you buy a ticket. But for those longer journeys, this can be a good deal.

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