Seeing Ireland by Rail

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If you are thinking of visiting Ireland and over 66 then you might want to consider seeing Ireland by rail.
Because it will be free.
Anyone over 66 from the UK is entitled to apply for a Golden Trekker pass. This not only entitles you to 14 days free travel within Ireland but also gives discounted accommodation, attractions and restaurant reductions if two of you go. Even if you are single the rail travel is worthwhile having. Getting the Golden Trekker pass doesn’t cost you anything either but apply for it before you go. If you intend to travel in the north as well as in the Republic it looks as though you have to apply for two as each will only let you travel as far as the border. The pass is available for use from tomorrow and is valid up until the end of the year.
Although the Irish rail network radiates from Dublin, you won’t necessarily have to return to Dublin each time you want to go elsewhere. There is a line from Rosslare through Limerick which meets the line to Galway. Apart from that the main lines run to Sligo, Ballina, Westport, Galway, Tralee (for the Dingle peninsular) Cork , Waterford and Rosslare. To give you an idea of the savings, a five day Galway return is €48 and you can get a day return to Tralee for as little as €51 (otherwise it is €72). A train journey to Tralee takes about 4 hours so as a day trip you don’t get to see too much and, more often than not, you have to connect in Mallow for the train coming up from Cork. But usually it is only a ten-fifteen minute wait.
Cork is only 3 hours away from Dublin and with an hourly train service, easily done on a day return. You won’t see everything but as a taster for a return longer stay it’s ideal.
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