Tourism and Armed Services Day

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Today, at over 350 events across our countries, Armed forces day will be celebrated. In some cases it happens tomorrow as well. There will be march pasts by different regiments and crowds are expected, despite the heat, to turn out to acknowledge the efforts that the armed services provide.
Forget for a moment, the obvious role of the armed forces and consider their humanitarian role. When disaster strikes the services go in to rescue people, shore up local services and provide some comfort. Tourists and visitors have often had cause to thank the services for their roles in getting them out of tight spots. Only a month or so ago, a ship was in Spain to return tourists who couldn’t fly due to the volcanic ash. When the tsunami hit the Far East, naval support was there to offer aid. Hurricanes hit the Caribbean tourist hotspots regularly. After the event the services are there in support.
We as tourists have a lot to be thankful for and this important side of the work they do hasn’t received much coverage.
The main event today will be in Cardiff (see the events pages or where the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will be the guests of honour. There have been strong links between the armed forces and the crown. Now Prince William, as a helicopter pilot, will be rescuing tourists who get into difficulty at sea as well as normal rescue missions. He won’t be in Cardiff, he’s on duty.
As mentioned above, crowds – up to 50,000 – are expected at these events today. Parades always draw crowds. Military parades draw even more due perhaps, to the pageantry involved.
Today though, as you watch just think of the help they provide to holidaymakers and visitors as well as their normal roles.

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