Holidays and the World Cup

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A couple of weeks ago you might have said how lucky those fans who went to watch the world cup were. You still might if you were a supporter of Brazil or New Zealand. If you support England or France or Italy or even Germany you might have other thoughts. The remainder of us seem to have settled for the television, the pub or the wide screen open events. What we did not settle for was going away on holiday at the same time.
Should this come as any surprise to anyone?
On the Beach, the online travel agency has said that their bookings are down by 20%. In many ways I’m surprised it is only down by that given the passion in our countries for football. To try and get around a downturn, one cruise line said that they would show all matches on their ships as they happened. On the Beach then said that for the week after the world cup ends, bookings are up by over a third. Seems common logic to me.
What is happening in the meantime is that some of us are doing day trips when matches we do not feel so passionate about are on. Attractions and destinations that are probably within about an hours drive away from our homes are seeing better business- except on the days that England are playing. And if they don’t improve there might be an upsurge in bookings after this week!
What is crystal clear is that we do not intend to forego our holidays and e-bookers, another online travel agency, has run a survey that shows that 80% of us would forego luxuries for a month in order to be able to afford a holiday. Oddly enough, one “luxury” 20% said that they would give up would be a night out with friends. That’s a luxury? Ebookers also said that they would offer a free two night UK hotel stay to be the first person to post the word “goal” on its Facebook page each time England scores. Not much chance, it would seem, of them having to give too many of those away.

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