Grass Cutting at the Weekend That’s Different

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If you scan down the 750 or so items listed in our events column you will find strange, amusing and oddish ones that reflect the make up of our countries. Take, for example, the National Scything Championships at the annual Green Scythe Fair that were held exactly a week ago at Thorney Lakes in Somerset. Who does go to fairs like this? How much interest can there be apart maybe, from enthusiastic scythers?
Quite a lot seems to be the answer because record crowds gathered including lots of children. What is a record crowd for an event like this I hear you ask? 50? 500? The answer is more than 2,000 for what I would have thought was of only little interest. How wrong I am.
According to the organisers scything is a sport. Agriculture’s answer to snowboarding. And like a sport followers came from far and wide. From Wexford in Ireland. From Royston in Cambridgeshire and Oxford and Devon and Wales and West Sussex Not just did individuals come but whole teams
Now parents might be a bit concerned about going to event where so much cut grass might be lying around just waiting for their little darlings to roll in it, throw it build mounds with it and whatever else kids today do with it. But, no. Parents didn’t seem to mind as grass got hurled around the place, But then, they might have been enjoying the cider, the sunshine, the real ale, (it ran out at 6pm!) the music or cheering on the winner of the Fast But Crap Cup..
The achievement of the day has to be that of Andrea Rickard. This lady had turned up for lessons with no thought of anything than an enjoyable day out. An organiser saw something, I suppose, in how she wielded a scythe and persuaded her to enter. Not only did she win but she won in a record time of two and a half minutes and wiping almost a minute off the previous record.
June is a peak period for local events. As the Green Scythe Fair shows combining older community activities with perceived newer issues like the greening of agriculture works in attracting tourists. And even with so many other events occurring each weekend, the well thought out will succeed

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