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Ryanair hasn’t featured for a couple of weeks and Virgin Atlantic even longer but it takes a lot to keep them away from the spotlight for too long. Ryanair have returned with an announcement that the 15kg hold baggage announcement has been increased to 20kgs,- provided that you pay for it.
At present it costs £15 for a 15kg piece of hold baggage. A second case would cost £35 for another 15kg bag. Now you can increase the weight of your first bag to 20kg and pay £25 for the privilege. Those extra 10kgs are costing you £2 per kg.
Remember though, that if you travel in the peak months of July and August, Ryanair charge an extra fiver on top of those prices as well. And the second bag cannot be 20kgs, only a maximum of 15kgs.
What may be behind Ryanair thinking here is that not too many people were checking in 2 bags so potential revenue was lost. By increasing the weight of the first bag, they may recoup so of that money just if the bag goes slightly over. One extra kilo can end up costing you a tenner.
In typical Ryanair style of urging you to travel as light as possible you can make an extra saving on your free cabin allowance of 10kgs by buying the extra light weight bag they have on sale so you can pack more.
Nice to know Ryanair is thinking of us.
Virgin Atlantic is installing a new series of systems on the new planes that are being delivered next year. This will enable you to make calls and texts from your mobiles as well as using iPods and iPhones. You will even be able to use your own USB sticks so you can have loaded up games, films o whatever and use the seat back screen to watch, play or work. The system will also let you search from a large number of films and play them as and when you want them on your flight.
Virgin positions itself as leading the way in providing advanced entertainment but it will obviously come at a cost to the passengers. Someone has to pay to make the calls and that someone is going to be you. Is this going to be a moneymaker for Virgin or a service? In fairness to Virgin Atlantic, the service element is probably high. They probably see it as a way to lure and then keep passengers.
But when you read about anything that airlines do these days for the benefit of passengers am I the only cynic who thinks that it’s just a way to get more money from passengers?

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