Staycation or Go Abroad?

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There are signs that Britons are going further for their holidays. Last year was the year of the staycation and the government has announced that they are going to try to persuade us to holiday in the UK. But it seems we aren’t neglecting a desire to travel further afield as well. Five different destinations have announced that visitor figures from the UK are up.
Costa Rica has announced that travellers from the UK are up 27% admittedly from a fairly low base. British visitors to Kenya are up by 13% but this may be due to levels returning to where they were before the political troubles there over a year ago. Further away is Fiji, not an easy place to get to from here unless you change in Australia, New Zealand or somewhere in the Far East but visitors are up by 10%. Are we becoming more adventurous?
Las Vegas has said that British visitors for the first quarter of the year are up by 40% and that is despite a low value of the pound against the dollar. Up until the drug related violence in Jamaica, British visitors there were also up by nearly 10%. Although the violence has deterred British visitors, most of the violence is not in the traditional areas that British tourists go to like Montego Bay. The capital, Kingston, is where most of the violence has been and the resorts, largely unaffected.
This seems to be more evidence of our determination to take a holiday. For many of us, it has become a necessary part of life rather than an option. Only a few weeks ago, a survey for Lonely Planet seemed to show that many of us were willing to go into debt or even further debt in order that we could have a holiday. But if the number of us taking staycations is likely to be up and the number of taking long haul holidays is up either more of us holidaying or taking second and third holidays or some places are going to show fewer visitors. Surely it is more likely that some places will miss out but where are we not going to?
Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia have been recent draws for us and must continue given the value for money they offer. Spain, which has seen declining British visitors in the last couple of years, must attract more people this year since the euro has weakened against the pound.
For the tourist boards, it’s all a bit of problem. They still don’t know where many of us are going-or if we are going to go at all!

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