Airport Security Systems Not Necessary?

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And while I’m writing about airline passengers, from Australia comes a slightly alarming story about passengers who had flown into Melbourne from the small Tasmanian airport at Devonport. I’ve read this story a few times and it still says the same thing. I’m sure I’m not misreading it so I hope its wrong.
According to AAP (Australian Associated Press) passengers were misdirected so that they didn’t have to go through security. This caused the terminal to be evacuated and there were delays to flights. I should say that when you arrive in Australia you do go through security and your bags can be scanned despite the fact that you will have gone through security before you got on the plane in the first place. It’s always made me think that the Aussie immigration people don’t trust scanning and security facilities elsewhere.
That’s not my concern. The fact that a spokeswoman (the report doesn’t make clear if it is an airport or a Qantas person) said “There’s not security screening at every regional airport” does concern me. If this report is correct, then this is worrying for passengers. The same spokeswomen then went on to say that if there was no security screening at a regional airport (which suggests there is more than one airport with no facilities) then the passengers are screened at the destination airport before they are allowed to leave the airport.
Now I may have missed something but I thought one of the reasons for security screening was so that you couldn’t take sharp instruments or liquids onto planes. Not to mention guns, knives and other ways that you could threaten pilots and the air crew. One of the features of attacks has been the ability of the terrorists to take items onto the planes. And here we have an instance where a country seems not to want to protect passengers. Shouldn’t it insist on having security scanning for every passenger flight regardless of where the airport is in the country? Does it not think that terrorists will use a regional flight to make an attack?
“We take this extremely seriously,” the spokeswoman said. But apparently not too seriously to install security screening in the first place!
I hope the AAP story is wrong and it will be retracted. But until someone tells me otherwise, no regional flights from small airports when I go to Australia in August.

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