Would You Holiday in Greece?

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greeceGreece has been at the centre of the recent concern about reducing government spending and/or increasing taxes. It has led to demonstrations in Athens and now it seems it is having a wider impact. It may be discouraging us from taking our holidays there. According to Der Spiegel, the German news organisation, which ran an article from Crete this week, one hotel has only just opened for the season despite that fact that the holiday season has already begun. Another said that only 50% of the rooms had been booked for the Summer.
Der Spiegel says that 300,000 fewer Germans will visit Greece this year because of the press impact of the stories about Greece. 400 hotels are up for sale including 48 on Rhodes and 44 on Crete.
So what about us? What will our reaction be? Are you dissuaded from going to Greece because of the issues there?
A straw poll around the office seems to indicate that nobody is put off going to Greece. Of more importance is cost. The fact that there are 300,000 fewer Germans suggests that there might be discounting to encourage people to go there. There will be more hotel rooms available right throughout the Summer. Some people in the straw poll said they would look at Greece and the Greek islands as a holiday possibility. Given the completion of the World Cup, there will be a number of us who will think again about holidays and why not Greece?
The latest official figures from Greece are only up until the end of 2009 so, at the moment, whether we are going to Greece or not is based on a combination of gut feel, extant bookings and forecasts. Overall fewer tourists seem to be going there but that could be the influence of the euro rather than a declining appeal of Greece. With the pound much firmer against the euro, that it has been for some time, here is another reason to choose Greece for a holiday.

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