Milwaukee Loves to Celebrate

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What do you know about Milwaukee?
Maybe you know it’s in the mid-west of the United States in the state of Wisconsin. Perhaps you know that brewing has been a dominant industry, You can take a brewery tour by boat where you’ll be given a cup. At each of the three breweries the tour visits, the cup will be filled with samples of the beer!
But for British and Irish visitors it is comparatively easy to get to. Yes, there are no direct flights from Britain or the Republic but there are to Chicago. served by BA, United, American and Aer Lingus. And from Chicago, Milwaukee is only an hour and a half away by an inexpensive train link. In fact trains win over a flight as by the time you check-in and then manage to get to downtown Milwaukee from the airport you’ll have spent more time than the train journey will take you.
Now you’re there what should you do? Apart from the beer cruise.
Did you know that you can paddle through the city by kayak? Or that you can cycle through it using the 100 mile bike trail? Or that it hosts the largest musical festival in the world, the Summerfest which features bands over the eleven days the festival lasts. But thats not the only festival. Milwaukee likes to celebrate as I wrote earlier so, reflecting its heritage, there are German, Irish, Italian and Native American festivals over the Summer. Finding Milwaukee over Summer with no festival on is going to be like looking for hens teeth. Milwaukee claims that there are lots of things to see and do but without the hassle that you get in a big city. Its easy to get around , it still maintains that neighbourhood feel and its clean and safe.
Oh, by the way, there is also a museum you might have heard off, the only one of its kind in the world. It’s the Harley Davidson Museum which was opened about two years ago and which contains one of every single model produced. Ideal for a big boys visit.

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