Atlantic City: the Other Gaming US Destination

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You might have heard of Atlantic City’s rival, somewhere called Las Vegas. Atlantic City is a bit smaller. It only has 11 casinos compared to the 40 odd you’ll find in Las Vegas but oddly enough Atlantic City takes proportionately more cash per casino than Las Vegas does. Like Las Vegas, it’s a weekend resort as Americans catch the fast ACES (Atlantic City Express Service) train link which leaves New York’s Penn Station and stops only at Newark to collect passengers flying in. But the express only runs at the weekend and Fridays. That means that hotel rates can be expensive so visit Atlantic City during the week instead. As an add on to a trip to New York, a day or so away from the big apple will show you a different world.
Gaming is the main reason that people go to Atlantic City but that wasn’t always so. It’s on the coast so the four mile sandy beach is an attraction to families as well. But there’s another attraction there as well. Atlantic City has two piers, one extending 900 feet into the ocean. In August either from the piers or the beach you can sit and watch, absolutely free, the air show, a day long festival where planes, helicopters and virtually anything else that flies swoops over the coastline. The US Air Force or the Army or both will there as well with a display of military aircraft.
Away from the noise of an air show, perhaps you fancy going out in a boat and looking for dolphins or whales. Both can be virtually guaranteed to be seen depending at which time of the year you go. With a beach, obviously there are opportunities for all sorts of water sports including jet skiing, kayaking and sailing. But the surf is good here as well so you’ll see surfers out all throughout the year. They have their own areas so that families can swim in safety. Away from the beach, explore the salt marshes or the bays where you’ll see all sorts of different birds. Or maybe you’d prefer just one of the many cruises around the harbour or the bays.
If you’re energetic, a morning jog along the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk (yes it’s still wooden) or a bicycle ride (these are limited to the early mornings) will give you an appetite which leads me to something else that Atlantic City is becoming known for,-food. Such is the range of restaurants featuring all types of menus that now Atlantic City has a restaurant week so that you can try out different types of food at a fixed price. This year it was $33.10 for a three course meal. Next year it will go up a cent to $33.11 to reflect that its 2011. So in 2020, ten years time, it should only be, yes you’ve guessed it, $33.20.

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