F.O Modifies its Advice on Going to Thailand

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The headline stays the same but the advice has changed. Last night the FO advised against all travel to Bangkok in view of the increased tensions and the decision by the Thai government to remove the protestors. The British Embassy will be closed on 14 May and it’s reopening will be reviewed daily.

Our Foreign Office (FO) has modified the overall advice it gave to us not to travel to Thailand. There are still some parts that it is suggested we don’t visit but these, in the main, don’t apply to the main tourist areas. The Thai government has been at pains throughout recent weeks of demonstrations in the capital, Bangkok, to say all is fine and tourists would be unaffected.
Should we believe them?
None of the contacts CD-Traveller has in Thailand has said that the demonstrations-which have led to rioting and some deaths- have affected the areas tourists are likely to go to. Prudence dictates that people stay away from likely trouble spots anyway. This time the main airport in Bangkok has not really been affected. In the coastal resorts like Pattaya and Phuket, all has been fine. But the disagreements between the supporters of the present and former prime ministers is still an issue. The advice must be to be watchful. When the troubles broke out at Christmas, the Thai government was quick to assist tourism. They have done so again by extending the waiver on tourist visas until the end of March 2011 and giving free insurance in the event of a disaster to foreigners visiting Thailand.
This reaction shows how important, to Thailand at least, tourism is. It has become such an important industry to many countries that disruption can inflict serious economic problems. For that reason any country would want to try and persuade tourists that all was reasonably safe. And in the case of Thailand that seems to be the case.

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