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Singapore has often been viewed as a plane refuelling stop or place to change planes. How many people stop off and explore the island?
That preconception may be about to change as the Singapore Tourist Board launches a campaign called “Your Singapore.” From the press release at the end of April you wouldn’t know what Singapore offered as it was couched in marketing speak and little else.
Although launched in the beginning of March, it is only this week that it is being rolled out across Europe. It was still one of those Far Eastern destinations where the occasional free stopover was thrown in to encourage you, as you flew on to Australia or New Zealand. Then, they encouraged you to get out of the airport for a few hours in between flights to see the sights. Now, “Your Singapore” is pushing the idea of shortbreaks.
Last year 9.7 million visitors went to Singapore and this year, they are forecasting 11.5-12.5 million. To achieve that big increase, Singapore must be relying partially on the buoyant tourism mood in the Far East which seems to have been hardly hit by the recession in the west and partially by what it has to offer.
And what does it offer since the tourist board didn’t see fit to say so?
Lets start with food. Not often listed in some of the guides, Singapore is a haven of good restaurants that cross national boundaries. It has a rain forest within its boundaries and one of the best botanical gardens in the world. In the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, it is said that there are more different species of flora than in the entire USA. It has beaches and its own resort, Sentosa that is busy with the locals at weekends. Singaporeans don’t need to go abroad for the best of all worlds if they don’t want to. And it has this mix of the old and the new.; the colonial past and the excitement of one of the most important financial locations in the world.
And the advantage of being on a small island is that you don’t have to go far too find them. With two new metro lines criss-crossing the island is easy.
Now why couldn’t the press releases just say that and urge you to see for yourself?

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