Visiting Tea Plantations

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Now here is a different day out for you to consider. Visit a tea plantation. But how can you visit it in a day you might ask? The answer is because you don’t have to go to India, Sri Lanka, China or Kenya to see a tea plantation. Go to Pembrokeshire instead.
Now I am not deceiving you. There is a tea plantation based in Pembroke Dock. Obviously not the plantation but the company. Called the obvious, the Pembrokeshire Tea Company, the plan is that by 2015 all their tea will be locally grown. They’re not quite there yet as they have to blend their tea within tea from other countries but in a few years time it will be totally Welsh leaves that go into the tea.
The plantation has 30,000 plants and, by the end of 2010, they hope to have a 5 acre tea garden expanding to 81 acres in the next 9 years. In June a tea room will open in Cardiff and, later in the year, Bath, Brighton and London should have their own Pembrokeshire Tea Rooms
But it is more than just a tea company. The two co-owners have developed it as a tourist centre. You can visit the plantation and hear how tea is made, the problems and what they plan to do. At present they can cope with only small groups of visitors so ring ahead to check. Did you know tea comes from a variant of the camellia? Did you know that to grow the tea plant you need a mild climate so only those parts of the UK and Ireland that are warmed by the Gulf Stream are the only likely candidates which is why the first tea company was in Cornwall, Tregothnan, near Truro.
Think of Pembrokeshire and you think of walks, scenery, wildlife and beaches. Now add visiting a tea plantation to that list.
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