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Postcards are the traditional way of letting friends and family know about your holiday. Some are newsy, some are just to show off the exotic place you’ve been to. The familiar ending, “wish you were here,” has adorned postcards for over a century and now there are postcard fairs where you can pay quite a few pounds for some of the rarer cards.
As the internet and mobile phones have changed the way lots of us lead our lives, the number of postcards sent by holidaymakers has dropped. We send e-mails and text messages now saying what a lovely time we’re having baking under the sun on the Algarve, Torquay or Ibiza.
But Cumbria is fighting back by launching a new campaign called “Wish you were here” which encourages us, when we go up to the Lake District and other parts of Cumbria, to send a postcard home. With Cumbria having 15 million visitors a year, if only 5% send a postcard we are talking about 750,000 postcards a year. Maybe the post office is behind this campaign rather than Cumbria Tourism!
What is behind Cumbria’s thinking?
Ian Stephens, Chief Executive of Cumbria Tourism says that postcards are more personal and can be a souvenir. But with the literary traditions of Cumbria- just think Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter- returning to the nostalgia of sending postcards reinforces that literary heritage. For those who prefer electronic methods of telling friends how their holiday has gone, then Cumbria has a website, where you can find an online postcard that you can send. Or you can still resort to that standby that seems to occupy us when we holiday,- finding the tackiest fridge magnet and bringing that back as a souvenir!

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