William Wallace Airport

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Hats off to The Scotsman for coming up with probably the best travel related April Fool’s story yesterday. For those of you who know the story already, my apologies but it is worth repeating for all those who didn’t see the news about replacing Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.

The new airport, named after the Scottish hero, William Wallace, would be sited near Stirling so that as airline passengers came into land they would get a view not only of the Wallace memorial but also the site of the Battle of Bannockburn. To gild the lily, Mel Gibson’s, he of Braveheart fame and dubious Scottish accent, voice would be used in the lifts would welcome passengers to Braveheart country.

As neither Glasgow nor Edinburgh airports have rail access at the moment, this new airport would have a new station to be called the Scottish National Air and Rail Link which would be abbreviated by any civil servant worth his salt to SNARL.

Professor Fellforit, supposedly from Aberdeen University is quoted as the expert and Scottish ministers feel that the new airport could become an alternative to Heathrow where planning permission for a 3rd runway is problematical.

So what did the readers of The Scotsman think?

When I last looked there were 133 comments on the website ranging from those who obviously believed it to be true to those who garnished the story. One even complained The Scotsman was being anti Scottish and anti SNP! But perhsps the best comment came from someone styling themselves “Highland Hibby” He/she wrote “Service with a SNARL”? It’s a Ryanair hub then!?!?

The Scotsman story is at http://news.scotsman.com/scotland/Service-with-a-SNARL-at.6196080.

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