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The Isle of Man may be best known for business, but the tax haven is too beautiful to be left just to bankers and businessmen. Local resident, Jessica Crowe, reveals why we should cross the Irish Sea and discover the sleepy island for ourselves


Name: Jessica Crowe
Age: 28
Occupation: Beauty Therapist

Are you a local girl? Yes

What’s it like to live on the Isle of Man?
It’s great fun and wonderfully relaxed. However if you’re arriving from a big city, you might find the pace of life a tad too slow.

What is your favourite thing about the Isle of Man?
Its natural beauty. Little wonder that the Isle of Man has been coveted as a film set by Hollywood – Keeping Mum starring Kristin Scott Thomas, The Heart Of Me with Helena Bonham Carter and the Renée Zellweger vehicle Miss Potter have all been shot on our shores.

Why should we visit the Isle of Man?
One of the great attractions of the Isle of Man is that it’s large enough (200 square miles) to show you a breathtaking variety of spectacular landscapes and seascapes – yet small enough for you to take your time and make the most of your explorations. And unlike other idyllic destinations such as the Caribbean, you don’t have to worry about crime: while perhaps not quite zero, crime rates on the Isle of Man are exceptionally low.

How long do we, ideally, need?
A long weekend is perfect.

How can tell you locals from our readers?
Tourists look disappointed at the shopping we have on offer! This is not the place to shop till you drop but if you’re after somewhere BIWR (before it was ruined), then the Isle of Man is the ideal destination for you.

Best sites?
The medieval Castle Rushen in Castletown is a must, as are all the different glens. Seventeen of the island’s enchanting glens are preserved in their natural state as national treasures. Glen Mayvem Dhoon Glen, Glen Helen and Glen Mooar boast spectacular waterfalls which have inspired generations of artists and photographers.

Best bites?
Everyone has to try the local kippers. Manx kippers – herrings smoked slowly over Oka chippings in the old traditional way – enjoy a global reputation for excellence. Another must-try on the Isle are the small scallops called queenies.
Wherever you go, fresh seasonal Manx food and produce is widely available: 80 per cent of the Isle of Man is still farmed and we’re very proud of our home-grown produce.

the sefton

Where should we stay?
In the Island’s capital, Douglas, check in to The Sefton which is cool without sacrificing comfort. Outside of Douglas, cosy B&BS are a dime a dozen, but for an authentic snapshot of Isle of Man life why not stay on a Manx farm? You can find out more about these beautifully located properties at

Any insider tips for our readers?
1. The Grade II listed courthouse building houses the Isle of Man’s most prestigious and elegant bar, restaurant and club as opposed to a court!
2. If you’re a fan of motor racing, make sure your visit coincides with TT – the world’s greatest motorsport event in which the course is on public roads. The TT Mountain Course is the ultimate test of rider skill and machine durability and attracts competitors, spectators and fans from across the globe.
3. Try and commit the following phrases to memory:
Good morning – Moghrey mie
Goodbye – Sien Ilhiat
Good afternoon – Fastyr mie
Goodnight – Oie Vie
How are you? – Kys t’ou?
I am fine – Ta mee braew

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