Strikes in Air and on Rail

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Today begins the second British airways cabin crew strike. Talking seems to have got nowhere. The only difference is that more passengers should get away over this four day strike than last time according to BA. As ever, see for the latest on whether your flight is still scheduled to go.
The unions have also announced the days of the national rail strike. It lasts 4 (seems a very popular number) days starting from the first working day back after Easter, April 6th. The strike will be over two 4 hour periods from 6-10am and again from 6-10pm. It will make life difficult for commuters into the major cities. At the moment it is expected only about 25% of services will run and for those coming back after an Easter break it could be a long journey. The good news is there will be talks next week so maybe this strike won’t take place.
See for details

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