Budget News For Holidaymakers

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The short answer is that there was none.
Despite the thoughts of some organisations, the Chancellor didn’t announce that there would be any climbdown on APT (Air Passenger Duty). Despite the attacks that were made this month by the UN World Tourism Organisation, he took no notice of them. Despite the lobbying by Caribbean nations in particular but also places like South Africa which claim that this tax unfairly impacts on poorer and developing nations, the Chancellor took no notice. Unless a new government after the election has a change of heart, then we will be paying APT some 300% higher then just a few years ago when the November increases occur.
During British tourism week, Visit Britain announced that tourism would be one of the UK’s best performing sectors this year with an increased growth of 3.5%. No other part of the economy is growing like that. Tourism is already responsible for about 2.6 million jobs according to Deloitte and Oxford Economics but did the Chancellor announce any thoughts on helping tourism and thus helping the economy? No, tourism was never mentioned.
Just as there was no mention about encouraging overseas visitors to choose us rather then go to France or Germany although tourism feeds £3 billion to the treasury each year. It ‘s almost as though the government has no other interest in tourism other than the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, both coinciding with 2012.

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