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Tired of taking mediocre photos? Relax – with travel snapper, Panos Kostouros, as your guide, memorable photographs are well within your reach. Happy shooting!


Be prepared
Always have your camera with you: you never know what you are going to run into and when. You might stumble upon a sensational scene but if you forgot your camera or your digital card is full, the moment (a spectacular sunset etc) may be gone before you can recover.

Vary it up
For a picture with personality, take your snap from different angles and distances – this instantly adds interest and can make your photograph of a well known landmark stand out from the crowd. With a just a little bit of imagination you can turn everyday events and ordinary scenes from daily life into sensational snaps.

Use your charm
If someone is going to see you take their picture, make sure you engage with them first. Chat to your subject for a few minutes – learn how to say “hello, may I take a photograph” in the local language – so that they become used to your presence which will result in a more natural pose.


Patience pays
Patience can mean the difference between an average shot and a great one. Never be in a hurry to get somewhere else. Many times you will see what could be a good photograph but decide that the light is not right. Alternatively there may be no people around or else too many—so you’ll have to wait it out or else return later on.

Practice makes perfect
There’s no better way to remember a trip than through pictures but cameras can be complicated to work. Before you hit the road, take the time to test it out and play around with the manual settings to see what works best.
You could also consider signing upto a photography course where an expert where will help you develop your shooting skills either in a classroom or on location.

Thanks Panos! You can view Panos’ pictures at www.panoskostouros.com

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